A Reflection from a Year Ago and now Hope

A Reflection from a Year Ago and now Hope

A Covid Reflection – 26/4/2020


Dignitaries only at the opening night,
The fire that followed, was it such a fright?

Local labour used to rebuild and reopen in 1892,
Traded continuously since that day, the longest in Ireland and Europe, too!

March 2020, we lock up and shut the gates. We are closed.

An eery silence, all forty two businesses and traders have gone home,
How strange not to be meeting, I wonder do they feel anxious or alone.

Over centuries business oscillates up and down,
Now not just Dubliners but many nationalities grace our town.

But the buildings and the peoples story, can thrive and endure,
Making people the priority, happiness we can ensure.

We are passing through, and what story will our walls tell,
Lets go for, joyful, resilience! And all will be well!

We are passing through this arcade and in 100 years to another it will belong,
And what of our time … we will return and will open up, and meanwhile enjoy the bird song …

Gwen Layden


and now we can look forward with some positivity as the days get longer
and a glint of light gives us hope  ….