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At Yogism, we believe in the supernatural.

Not in ghosts or any of that but in a supernatural healthy, tasty treat – frozen yogurt. Its creation - from its humble beginnings as fresh skimmed milk into a creamy, swirly, tangy, fat-free super food - may seem a bit like magic, but the truth is that it is a 100% natural, or even supernatural, process.

You see we can’t take the credit for creating the frozen yogurt - the real geniuses behind that are the probiotic cultures. But even though we may not possess the same skills as these little fellas, we think we make up for it with our passion for their product.

What the probiotics deliver in supernatural flavour, healthiness, creaminess and swirliness, Yogism matches with supernatural service, we do this by making YOU the boss of YOUR frozen yogurt! At our shop you can handcraft a yogurt that’s unique to you by first stopping off at our frozen yogurt counter (4 flavours and, yes, one is chocolate!), before piling on your favourite toppings and finishing off with the decadent sauce or compote of your choice.

Yogism is committed to giving you impeccable flavour in a healthy way so all of our frozen yogurt is fat-free, gluten-free and free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And on top of all this we’re 100% Irish-owned!

Welcome to the world of the supernatural.


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